THE LOOKOUT (2007), Scott Frank

"I get turned down more times than the beds at the Holiday Inn."


GREGORY'S GIRL (1981), Bill Forsyth

"Have you ever been in love? I'm in love."
"Since when?"
"This morning. I feel restless and dizzy. I bet I won't get any sleep tonight."
"Sounds like indigestion."


DARLING (1965), John Schlesinger

"I always feel as if there's one more corner to turn, and I'll be there."
"And so you will."
"Then there'll be another."
"That's the attraction of corners."


TWO FOR THE ROAD (1967), Stanley Donen

"Just wish that you'd stop sniping."
"I haven't said a word!"
"Just because you use a silencer doesn't mean you're not a sniper."